Water SportsVilla Mala is the location where you can truly enjoy all the different water sports that will complement your holiday in Porec. For each guest, Porec - Istria offers special content, we believe that all guests will find something that will complement your holiday. Water Sports.



Jet Ski Poreč - Villa Mala

Jet Ski Jet Ski

Rock and Roll Poreč - Villa Mala

Rock and Roll Rock and Roll

Bananas on the water Poreč - Villa Mala

Bananas on the water

Diving u Istri - Villa Mala

Diving in Istria Diving in Istria

Fishing Poreč - Villa Mala

Fishing Fishing

Villa Mala - HolidayCheck.de

Villa Mala - HolidayCheck.de

Villa Mala Video

Night Life

Villa Mala
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