PorecIn all different actions organized by the Croatian media and National Tourist Organization there is no one else but Porec when it comes to taking first place. So many rewards and certificates which no other Croatian tourist city has. This position is achieved through the mutual efforts of hotels and city authorities. In order to meet its guests properly, during the last few winter it is being prepared for the incoming season. The number of residents exceeds the number of tourists during summer months.

Poreč tourism is more than sun, sea and perfect tourist image. The summer visitors know how to recognize the city that is still keeping its historical values, which can be seen in the historical city center. You can find museums, galleries in the most valuable city palaces, many of them are the homes for people as they have been centuries ago. Many of our guests probably do not know that they are walking on the streets, built during the Roman times. One part of the city ramparts and towers is still preserved, in the Pentagonal tower there is a restaurant and in the Round tower a pub. Besides Basilica, now it is possible to visit Euphrasius' bishopric, opened in the year 2000 as an architectural monument and the curch museum.

The capital of the Croatian tourism has one more face - sports. Many individuals, teams and selections of different sports choose Poreč for traning. The sports offer satisfies even those most demanding tourist amateurs.


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Villa Mala - HolidayCheck.de

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Villa Mala
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